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STORM / Re: Braces
« Last post by Black River Smith on Today at 11:36:50 AM »
Nice, very nice, all of them.  Aaaannddd I like your, choose of using conversions.

Like everything you have there.  Thanks for sharing.
Tall Tales / Re: Coffee and Tea hotter than a June Bride
« Last post by DeaconKC on Today at 11:34:07 AM »
Del, really good to hear you're home and on the mend! You have been missed around here. As the saying goes "Vaya con Dios". Praying for you here.
On our way out in a minute 95 here already, did not shoot today, it is supposed to hit 106! Yikes, anyway, got a new Opentop to pickup, grab some groceries and the postcard, then back home to the AC. Thank God we had a new HVAC system installed last year, I shudder to think what the utility bill would have been with the old one, even if it had survived this heat wave.
CAS City Classifieds / Re: Scully JW leather vest 2X
« Last post by DeaconKC on Today at 11:26:03 AM »
Bump for a gorgeous vest.
The Leather Shop / Re: Question About Money Cartridge Belt
« Last post by Trailrider on Today at 10:53:47 AM »
The outside of the buckle should be no wider than the width of the belt body. If you can go to a leather store (Tandy/Leather Factory for example), it should be easy. If not, what is the width of the belt body? I may be able to check my inventory of buckles and recommend the buckle. Then the billet width can be determined by the inside dimension of the buckle.
The Leather Shop / Re: Question About Money Cartridge Belt
« Last post by MikeM. on Today at 08:21:20 AM »
Yes, that is why I was asking because I wanted to know what size buckle I should buy. Thanks
Tall Tales / Re: Coffee and Tea hotter than a June Bride
« Last post by Delmonico on Today at 08:06:46 AM »
Sleep pattern is all messed up, no big deal, meds and odd routine will do it,  Planning on getting to where I get up about  8 and go to bed about midnite, slept yesterday afternoon and didn't go to bed at a early, was going to bed about Midnite every day at the hospital and getting up 3-4 and staying awake till breakfast and lunch plus PT and sleeping a couple more hours.

Brown Butthead dog was so glad to see me, took a 3 hour nap and clung to me was not happy with me last night, kept staring at me from the coach and sometimes going to the door, flipped me off and slept on the coach last night and won't look at me.  Well too bad buddy. got the home heath nurse coming in about 8:30 and it's off to the bedroom for you.  And also just the two of us till after dark.

Thanks to today's current Arizona Rangers
Tall Tales / Re: Coffee and Tea hotter than a June Bride
« Last post by Major 2 on Today at 06:44:18 AM »

Heading to the Museum, just normal Saturday, heat could/should bring a crowd, (heat index 100+)
but I'm thinking it will be a slow day.  :-\
It's been hit and miss, Wednesday (hump day) I was quite busy, but my counterpart/curator said Thur. & Fri. were slow including the Thursday pre-scheduled Eagle Scout Unit tour no showed.
Apparently, their transportation expired due to the heat.  :-\

I did manage to dress & equip out a pair of WW2 German uniformed mannequins.
And drew up the plans for an all-new WW1 exhibit area, which will include a trench experience walk through.

Any who, you all stay hydrated and in a cool zone, and wishing the pards at the Muster good weather. 
Tall Tales / Re: Coffee and Tea hotter than a June Bride
« Last post by Delmonico on Today at 03:39:17 AM »
OK, escaped about 12:30pm, the care they gave me was awesome, all the caregivers have been telling me goodbye for the last two days. they said I was one of the best patients they have had in a long time.  I guess it just shows if you are nice to people they are more likely  are nice to you.   

If my typing looks more like some HS kids text It will get better, you should see some of the stuff 30 days ago.  Of course I'm not on as many drugs as I was and a real keyboard is easier to work with, was going to have the kids bring my desktop out and then decided not to, A lot of the problems were more than a tiny key board. 

Anyway we went and got my meds or rather the additional ones, which is temp and is a pain killer, new on to me, only been on the market since 2015, save that till tomorrow, but lets say for me it worked works better than The Codeine/Tylenol ones with more advantages and almost as good an morphine.  Buprenorphine is the name if you want to look it up.  They sent me some home.   

Any way back to what happened, on Saturday the 6th of May I didn't feel real hot, Rita went of craft thing ar church and me and brown dog slept most the the day, Fever went 102.5.  temp was dowm Sunday and went an seen mom on the 7th,felt worse again on Sunday and about 10pm I hurt so bad I could hardly walk, and Rita took me to the OR, I knew they would do little but that's fine because I was in a lot of pain and used my cane to hobble in.  Quick x-ray of the hip area  showed nothin was broke or misplaced, called my GP the next day, got an appointment for the early afternoon, no big deal as I had enough happy pills to make it, although I upped the dosage to max recommended having dealt with both before. Didn't do much that day and about 2 pm I was out talking to Rita and I sat on the couch, maybe a half hour.  Got ready to go back and lay down and I could not get up, using my cane and Rita I could not get up, called my GP and they said if it was that bad call 911 and he told me to go to another hospital, He's CHI so went to that one and he called to see if a certain neurologist was still on duty, cool a heads up before, Ambulance  cuts out waiting time any way, nerve DR was not on duty so they gave me more muscle relaxers and told me to go see the GP next day as planned.

Anyway next morning when I awoke I could not move my legs, just wiggle my toes so I decided my spinal cord was at least mostly in tact. ::)  Rita sent the dog outside and called 911, told the Rita would be at the front door and dog was outside.  4 showed up and they had a weird looking chair kinda like and office chair with seat belts and all 4 picked me up and put me on it, go me down they stairs and on to a gurney that had a tarp with handles.  Oh Rita asked if I was going back the St E I told her no, Bryan East again, my normal one, she said OK, then I told her I couldn't go back there because I had peed all over the floor.  (another story for later  ::))

Anyway the got me in there and was in pain as bad as the bypass, so since thy had an I"V already and  and blood drawn and the fever again they gave me several shots in the I"V, morphine, that above med, toradol and a muscle relaxer because  they had found out I had bad swelling in the back muscles on that side, they ten told me they were going to give me a shot of prednisone to help that, I mentioned the diabetes and they said not to worry, they had plenty of insulin and cold get more. ;D  Any way they drew lots of blood, and sent me upstairs and they kept asking if a was still in bad pain, then shot m up some more. Had a staph infection in my blood, and in my lower spine which swelled the muscles  and they were pushing hard in the siliac nerve and was pinching it off.  They also told me there was a slight chance I would never be able to walk again,  Anyway for several days I was kinda in a haze, don't remember a lot of it and what I remember not sure all of it was real.   

The whole time I could only wiggle my toes and by the 16th I was able using 2 nurse and a walker I waked 5 or 6 steps to the bathroom before that thy took me in a shower chair you could poop out of.   

The 17th of May they took me a half mile up the road to Tabatha a rehab place,  we started doing rehab and drugs but less of them, and after a few days we didn't have to do insulin.  They changed some meds just before this and they added one one and dropped 2, this pill works for diabetes and helps the heart heal.  Glucose as been smack on for at least two weeks and I got things like cheese cake and stuff on my tray and no extra insulin.  Walking got better, but I also worked my butt off doing it. 

Also had to have speech therapy, the tests showed no stroke but some bad speech problems as Slim and Major 2 found out, did work on that, part of that also to determine if my problems with memory was long term, short term or both. Was only short term, they asked about hobbies, showed the pictures on the phone so they started asking question questions about that and they discovered my long term was exceptional it was just the short term and it's getting better.   After a while the dropped it to only one person person had to be with me. made bathroom trips easier, 3 people was bit crowded.  Then I could walk around the room with out help, then dropped it all together just one holding my leash and then I could wander the halls by my self, then get to go home today, the 24th of June.

Got 10 pound lifting restriction for now .  Got appointments coming up, project tomorrow is to get the E-mail password fixed so I can find out when they are, didn't write them down because they E-mail that stuff. 

We are sure I have a fairly bad Hiatal hernia going on, got appointment July 1 coming to do the scope from the other end from one I did in March. 

Food was decent, not exactly 4 star dining but better than window food in a sack, Middle range, think Grocery store cafeteria type.  Yes had a student  nurse take me for a wheel chair walk around the campus we saw Sysco the truck delivering. 

Most of their product is decent heat and eat stuff

Gonna stop for now, took me over 2 hours to do this, fingers don't always do what the brain tells them to. 

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