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Chiappa .44 WCF M1892 rifle at the range

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I took my .44 WCF Chiappa M1892 to the range today and made a brief video of the fun.

Nice rifle.  I've handled a lot of Chiappas and the fit and finish (on the '92's) is usually pretty good.  Action is often kind of crunchy.  I particularly like that the no-safety design is like originals.  They are certainly more pricey than Rossis.  If I find a good deal on a .44wcf takedown I want one.  The only used one I ran across was a little too high for me.  I think it would be cool for taking to matches on a motorcycle (assuming I ever get another - it's been 20 years), although a rifle in a scabbard would be okay, too.  :)

 Thank you for your time and video, makes me enjoy my Rossi 44-40x 24" that much more (It's just a great caliber).

 coffee's ready,  Hootmix.

A friend of mine used to shoot an original .44 '92 in matches, but an overloaded smokeless round bulged his chamber.  However, a gunsmith was able to sleeve the chamber to fix it.

King Medallion:
I really like my Rossi 92 carbine and my 73 carbine (uberti), both in 44-40, got a Uberti 66 rifle in 44-40 too. Concerning your Rx7 load, your shooting that in the old BP 73, would you consider that load to be safe to shoot in SAA?



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