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New Winchester (Miroku) 92 loading problems


Got a new Winchester 92 take down in .357 magnum.  Initially tried to load it with my 158gr LSWC reloads and it was almost impossible to get the cartridges thru the loading gate into the magazine tube.  Made up some dummy 148 gr LRN cartridges and it was a little easier but still difficult.  Is this a common problem with the new Miroku 92s?  What projectile shapes seem to work best?  Loading gate seems to operate OK but this little bugger is hard to load.  I have an older '94 in 44mag and have no problems with it.

Update:  Made some dummy rds using Berry’s 125gr flat point bullets and the rifle is much easier to load.  Apparently it doesn’t like LSWC bullets.

cpt dan blodgett:
Don't have the Miroku 1892 yet, but have a couple of rossi rifles, they can be finicky when trying to be fed semi wad cutters.  My original rossi carbine would eat them just fine if I put decent roll crimp on the case, otherwise think the brass scrapped the top of the chamber.  The front driving band on the semi wadcutter might be scraping on the mag tube making it hard to load.


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