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Another 1892 followed me home

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Black River Smith:
Still jealous but congrats that it is a nice condition rifle for that REALLY great price.

If you find another like that and don't want it, let me know. ;D ;D


--- Quote from: Roscoe Coles on October 06, 2021, 10:49:05 PM ---I had to wait a bit to get it shipped, but I picked it up from the shop this afternoon.  It’s an honest gun with a good bore and quite a bit of blue on the barrel.  Very happy to get it.  Now I need to find some brass and dies…

--- End quote ---
If you have some .44-40 brass you could neck it down carefully.  Might even be able to do it just stuffing it carefully into a .38-40 sizing die.

Blackpowder Burn:
If you want to send it to me, I'll load and test some ammo with it.  It can also visit with my '92's in 44 WCF and 32 WCF! ::)

Roscoe Coles:
I have a lot of 44-40 brass so if push comes to shove I can make do. But, I wouldn't like to mix them up so I would prefer some properly head-stamped brass. I will order some Starline next time I run across it. 

It’s getting familiar with my 44-40 92 carbine and 32-20 92 rifle, not to mention all my other winchesters (a couple of which are shown below) so I think it will stay at home, but thanks for the offer. :D.  It’s the 92  at the top with the round barrel. 


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