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Another 1892 followed me home

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Roscoe Coles:
A buddy called me the other day to say that a 1907 mfd. Winchester 1892 round barrel rifle in 38-40 had come into his shop.  Oddly, there is not much market for western guns where he is, which has led to some interesting purchases over the years. I couldn’t pass it up at the asking price (read the tag). It’s far from pristine, it’s got a pattern on the receiver that I think is the result of it being stored in a damp fabric case at some time, but the wood and barrel are good. It’s getting shipped to my FFL and will join a gray SRC in 44-40 and a really nice octagon 32-20 rifle.  Oddly, this is the first 38-40 I have ever bought.  Its a good caliber, but I like 44-40.  It’s a good thing I don’t need to shoot it as brass is scarce at the moment.

Black River Smith:

I am jealous.  For the last 2 years I have been interested in acquiring an 1892 designed 38/40 chambered octagon Rifle.  I even thought of relining an old Rossi in 44/40.  I already load for the 38/40 in a SAA Cimarron but then decided I really would like a rifle to match.

When I started CAS in the early 90's, I was offered a Win1892 in 38/40 for $312, but passed because I wanted a Win1873, instead.  Prices in my area are now much higher than what you indicate.

You are a lucky man.  Congrats on an original.

Roscoe Coles:
Thanks, I hope it’s as described. Prices on 92s are a lot higher than this one up here as well, so at this price couldn’t really pass it up.  Shipping, brass, dies, and bullets will drive the project up a bit, but still worth it.  Actually, it’s coming up with an H&R officers model trapdoor that was already coming, so the shipping was factored in. 38-40 is a good round, just not one I normally use.  Of course, if it’s nice, I will have to find a 38-40 colt to go with it…

That is one hell of a deal for a real Winchester 92!
That's the price for a used Rossi around these part's!
Congratulations you stole it!

Roscoe Coles:
I had to wait a bit to get it shipped, but I picked it up from the shop this afternoon.  It’s an honest gun with a good bore and quite a bit of blue on the barrel.  Very happy to get it.  Now I need to find some brass and dies…



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