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Thanks again guys.  It doesn't sound like a 92 is going to work for me.  I'm going to be doing some miles of fencing this summer, so I'm looking for a working rifle that will reliably feed the load (240 SWC @ 1,000 fps) I use in my revolvers.  I can put up with having to do a little tuning, but don't have the time to send if off to the experts. 

Coffinmaker, time-frame on finding/setting up/tuning a 66 or 73 doesn't work (not to mention affording the rifle in the first place).  The Rossi advantage is that I can probably scrounge one in the next month, and I don't mind if there is no finish left on it at the end of the summer. 

SWC bullets tend not to fed very smoothly in most lever guns, due to the sharp shoulder.  YMMV.


--- Quote from: Abilene on March 05, 2021, 12:53:34 PM ---SWC bullets tend not to fed very smoothly in most lever guns, due to the sharp shoulder.  YMMV.

--- End quote ---
I understand that SWCs tend to not feed well in lever actions, but have never been sure if it was the shoulder or the length of the nose causing them to "tip" at a different point in the feed cycle.  In any event, this bullet has fed well in the 44-40s I've had a chance to cycle dummy rounds through, so figured there was a good chance they'd work in a 44 Mag/Spec. 

Went and looked at a couple carbines today, but nothing I would be willing to toss in the pickup box while working.  Folks have got me figured out though, I saw a couple oddball 94 trappers, and some _weird_ conversions and re-barrels today.  Kinda fun!

Load up some dummy rounds and take them with you while you shop for a gun.


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