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I'm thinking I'd like to have a 92, but I'm using 44 Special as my day-to-day cartridge.  Using 44 Mags just for the rifle, or having a rifle in a different caliber, offers no advantages to me.  Have any of the 92 variations/copies been chambered in 44 Special?  Or alternately, are any of the variations/copies chambered in 44 Magnum out-of-the-box reliable with 44 Specials? 


Okay, I am going by what I have seen myself and also seen reported on the 92s. The ones set up for Magnum cartridges [.357 and .44] both run very well with rounds loaded in the Magnum brass or else have to run longer bullets in Special brass to be reliable. It all seems to be dependent on overall cartridge length. My own experience with a Rossi in .357 bears this out, it would feed anything in a .357 Magnum cartridge, but it HAD to have at least 158 grain bullets to run in .38 Special. Good luck!

Thanks!  So (speaking hypothetically), I'd have a better chance of things working if the OAL of the 44 Special round I'm using falls into the range that 44 Mag is loaded to?  This might work, given my preference for mid-range to heavy bullets. 

That's right, just load the Specials long, at a length that will feed well.  They'll still shoot fine in a handgun (although bullet shape could affect that - check before loading a bunch).  Since you won't be loading in a crimp groove, make sure the crimp holds the bullet well.  And any given load will have somewhat reduced pressure if you seat the bullet out further, if that makes a difference.


 :)  ok . . ok . .Ok . . OK  :o  MY TURN!!  ;)

There are several very applicable solutions to LongWalker's di-Lemmon.  First a minor CAVEAT:  Been several Lustrum since I applied finesse to an 1892.  However, in the past, it has been a simple matter to "adjust" to .38 Special cases in a .357 chambered rifle.  A little spring work and some Shimming.

The same should hold true for 44 Special.  I would be want, however, to query Nate Kiowa Jones, the 1892 Guru for his opine.  Seating bullets funny just grates on my sensibilities.  One should be able to load the same same jam and fudge 200Gr or 160 Gr bullets in both guns.

Next, and even simpler.  Skip the 1892.  A simple solution is either an 1866 or an 1873, chambered for 44 Special.  Or even chambered for 44 Manglem.  then the sky is the limit.  You would even have the option of a simple change to a "Smith Shop" Carrier Block for short cartridges and be able to run 44 Russian cases.

As example.  I have a 44 Special Uberti Rifle.  Was 24 inch barrel.  Now a 16 1/4 inch barrel.  Smith Shop Carrier Block and I run 44 Russian Cases in it and my 44 Colt chambered Open Tops.  While I would not recommend running "hot" ammunition thru an 1866, the 1873 would digest warm hunting level 44 Special with no real adverse effects.  Burma Shave

Stay Safe Out There



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