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Should I or Shouldn't I Miruko 92

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cpt dan blodgett:
Have a Rossi 92 Carbine 44 Mag and a rossi octo barred rifle 44 mag.  Just do round out the collection don't I really need a Miruko Carbine 44 Mag.  The other two could break during a match

Coal Creek Griff:
Is this a trick question? OF COURSE you should get a new gun.  ;)

yeah but      keep the Rossis - that miroku might break one day too


 :)  HA HA   ;)

PLUS ONE for Coal Creek AND for greyhawk!!

Silly question.

cpt dan blodgett:
may have to wait a bit.  In honor of my safe return (agent orange not withstanding) from RVN 50 years ago in Dec the AR15A1 I ordered finally arrived Tuesday.  A few months before I can drop another major purchase.



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