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Hey Isom, look what I got!

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Thanks! Since the penny is a little loose, maybe replace it with a buffalo Nickel? It might be wide enough to not flop.

Hey Abilene,
you've got a good caliber there. It's my #3 behind 38-40 and 44-40 . You must have read the problems I had reloading it a few years ago, it gave me a fit. After I got it straightened out it's all good. When I first loaded it with b/p , I didn't think it would have enough BOOM and SMOKE ,,,,,, but boy was I surprised. Mine ejects pretty snappy but doesn't dent the mouths. I'll lose a couple here and there. The barrel is fair/good.  I like to see peoples eyes when I tell them I only paid $65.00 for it ,,,,,,,,,,,,, in 1966. HA ! My LGS lady went to the SHOT show in Atlanta, Ga.in '03 ,, I think , and ordered a pair of SAA's for me (Uberti's). Then, I got a pair of 3rd gen. Colts. Then a pard of mine gave me his when he stopped shooting , ( medical problems). I'd always wanted a deluxe model '73 ,,,,,, soooo in 32-20. Now I'm 32-20'd out.  :) They're fun shooters no doubt about it. Mine was born in 1890, 24" oct. bbl. Just saw your post , hadn't been here for a while, Christmas and everything. It's an anniversary caliber ,,,,,,,,,, I only shoot it once or twice a year. Or let someone/newby use it. They usually like it ,, but I tell them go 357/38 ,,,,,, easier on the wallet ,,, but !
Have fun, YMMV,

I haven't had much problem reloading the 32wcf.  I was loading it for my brother's old SAA, then when I got my .32 deluxe '73 in 2013, I discovered I needed to push the shoulder down a bit for the Uberti chamber.  That was a simple die adjustment, no grinding needed.  Maybe I've been lucky.  :)

cactus joe:
Yeah Abilene talk about flinging empty casings. I have a '92 made in 1915 in .25-20 and yes i'm always trying to find my empties. Our shooting tables are on a concert slab, but behind that are small rocks that the brass always finds it's way into. add to that this time of year snow and i might look for a casing for about 5 minutes. .25-20 casings are hard to come by, so i hate losing one of them.

Brass picking is my usual posse duty and I always pay special attention to pretty much any caliber other than 45 and .38.  If I find them later I know who to give them to.  At yesterday's match we found a shiny 38-40 which must have come from a shooter the previous day's match.  But we didn't know who, and it was sort of sad.  :-[   :)  But 25-20, now that brass is like holy grail stuff!  I actually have hundreds of .32-20 cases from buying loaded for my brother's old Colt years ago, mixed R-P and Starline.  Then a few years ago Pettifogger sold me 1000 new R-P.  Most of it has never been loaded yet.  But I still hate to lose them!  I broke down a few years ago and put a short stroke in my old .357 '73, and now it throws empties forward, but they are old multi-loaded .38's, no biggie.



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