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Hey Isom, look what I got!

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Try firelapping that bore if you have trouble with accuracy.
I have a 94 in 25-35 that would not group under 5" at 50 yds.I firelapped and then shot a 2 1/4" group at 200 yds. The bore was still pitted but if I clean it after every shooting session it is very accurate.

Thanks Wildman1, I will keep that in mind. 

I found the coin, it is a 1/2 Franc.  But even though the penny is a little loose in the slot on the front sight, I think this coin may be a bit too thick for that slot, so will have to think about it.

Another update.  First, I had done up a simple lever wrap before I shot the BP match, and thought maybe I would throw together a simple butt cover.  I mean REAL simple.  :)  I did not have much faith in the super thin material (I'm not even sure if it is actually leather), and I was right as the second photo shows what it looked like after one match.  It did work fine, though.

So next I decided to change out the front sight.  I was all prepared with a punch and small hammer to get the pin out, but when I pushed against it with the punch the pin just came out with finger pressure.  I was expecting the coin would just need to be cut in half and then drilled for the pin, but when the penny came out I found out I needed to cut a notch in the coin.   Dremel and a file took care of that.  Also had to thin the center part of the half-franc so it would fit into the slot on the front sight.  Haven't shot it yet but I like the sight picture a lot better.  I also ordered a lighter ejector spring from Nate Kiowa Jones.  When I open the gun to install that, I might lighten the main spring some as well. 

The front sight, old vs new.
Since it is half of a half-franc, I guess I should call it a quarter-franc.  :D


 :)  Hi Ho Silver Away   ;)

Yepper Abilene!!  That "quarter" Franque looks quite the biz as the front sight.  Your fitment also looks a bunch better.  Very Well done.  Kudos and all that fer sure !!!

Play Safe Out There

PS:  With some simple spring changes and some judicious rubbin-n-buffin, a '92 can be righteous fun and FAST.  If Nate is still offering his CD and you have a player, grab it up.  It ain't real difficult and it does make a HUGE improvement!!



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