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Hey Isom, look what I got!

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I know that Isom Dart, as well as the moderator of this '92 forum, is a fan of the 32-20.  I picked up this 1909 vintage 32wcf carbine off the SASS Wire from a pard in Alaska.  The wood has been refinished at some point and the sights are not original.  Front sight is a 1987 penny.  Might have to find an older silver coin to replace that.  It is a VERY skinny sight picture.  Holds eleven rounds and cycles my dummies fine.  It will be a week or two before I get to shoot it.   It will fun to pair it with my brother's 32-20 Colt, which he has never shot but I shoot a couple times a year.

My only other '92 was a stainless Navy Arms short rifle in 45 Colt (back when I first started shooting BP and thought stainless guns would be needed).  It was a nice rifle but crunchy action even after some work.  This one is fairly smooth and, despite being a .32, still feels very light and lithe since I'm so used to my '73's.  It weighs almost 2 lbs less than my 20" 32-20 Cimarron.  Do these originals have overly-strong ejector springs like the repros?  This really flings the empties.  Haven't noticed it dinging the case mouths, though.

Couple more

Major 2:
Very nice... I have a circa 1891  73  and a Colt .  I picked up a Cattleman & JM Marlin too, to join with my Dads Hand Ejector S&W.

32/20 is a sweet cartridge .

I wonder if the front sight was replaced in 1987?

Deacon, the PO said his daughter used to shoot the gun, and had won a Junior category at state match 16 years ago, so he's had it for a while, but he said he had not shot it since changing the sights, so the penny was a few years old when he used it, I guess.  :)

Since he hadn't shot it, I was a little concerned about the sight alignment, so when I took it to a match yesterday I shot three practice shots at a freshly painted target about 20 yards out.  Centering the tip of the penny in the buckhorn gave 3 rounds on top of each other, an inch or so to the right of POA.  The penny is a little loose in its position so flops side to side a bit, but good enough for CAS.  I had no misses in the match, and the empties were actually pretty well behaved in landing close together.  I only lost 3 pieces of brass out of 64.  The case mouth is slightly dinged, not bad, but I will probably want to lighten the ejector spring at some point.  Needs a lever wrap, my fingers slipped out a few times while trying to run fast.

My smokeless load is 2.7gr of Trailboss with a 115gr bullet.  I did not have enough 32wcf BP rounds loaded to shoot a match with it, but will get that done.  There is a fair amount of pitting (grooves perpendicular to the bore), so hopefully it will be okay with black.  I won't be shooting this a whole lot, but it will come out a few times a year to join the 1st gen Colts, and maybe NCOWS.



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