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cpt dan blodgett:
Have been looking several years for a carbine 20 inch carbine by Miroku.  Went in to Cabelas in Glendale, AZ and asked if they could order a rifle, the answer is no, not since taken over buy basspro.  He asked what is was looking for, told him 1892 20 inch carbine in 44 mag.  He got on the computer and the entire Bass Pro Cabelas network had 1 in springfield missouri.  He gave me the sku and the phone number of the springfield store.  Got it for not much more than MSRP after veterans discount, well under the $1700 mentioned earlier on a Gun Broker gun. The carbine should have shipped today, anticipate it be here Wednesday or so.

I currently have a Rossi 20 inch carbine which is perfect with the 12 3/4 LOP.  I also have a Hartford 24 inch octo rifle which has a 13 1/2 LOP which requires concerted effort to get lever all the way open while butt is still in the shoulder (an actual extension of the fingers to move the lever all the way.  This is not real conducive for fast times in SASS matches.  This is sad as the rifle (bought from Nate Kiowa Jones) is so slick and smooth.  Hope the Miroku is as smooth.


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