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Chiappa 1892?

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The Pathfinder:
I bought one from Taylor's at the Guns of August years back. Has the large loop lever and came with a 16" barrel. Could never find it listed anywhere tho, they only listed the large loop guns with a 20" barrel. Great little 44-40 tho. ;D

Cliff Fendley:
My wife has a carbine 44-40. Slick rifle they are well made.


--- Quote from: ndnchf on September 08, 2020, 09:01:26 AM ---Yes. In my book, RL 7 is THE smokeless powder for .44-40.  A case full shoots really well.  Its also the perfect powder for a duplex load.     

--- End quote ---

What are spec's on your load using RL 7?  What was aprox cost of Chiappa 92/

My load is 26.0gr of RL7, under a 30-1 Lyman 427098 bullet and federal LP magnum. Shop around for cost. What I paid is irrelevant today. Everything gun related has changed over the last year.


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