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Dirty Dick:
I sure wish someone would reproduce the M92, M53, or M65 in .25-20.  ;D

Black River Smith:
I do not mean to be mean by this question but... What good is the 25-20 cartridge in any large size rifle?

Now, I do not hunt, just shoot and enjoyed CAS because I really like all the Old West guns.  But, I do not understand why they created the 25-20, (stated this before elsewhere - even the 32-20).

I just would like understand the attraction to such a small cartridge & that an 22cal could do the same thing in hunting situations (I would think).  I have never held a 32-20 or 25-20 cartridge, just seen photos but something that only holds 20grains of BP. ???  I thought they went from 44Henry to 44-40 and then larger cartridges for more powder.  Why then go backwards in the '90's?  Other than youth sales.

To me this is more history and then the present personal attraction to such a cartridge.



 ;D  Just Because   ;D

Sleeve it!  :)

I Shoot mine just for the joy of it. I believe it came out originally to be a strictly small game cartridge for those who did not need full power loads  that was inexpensive to shoot and reload. I am thinking farmers and even cow hands needing to put rabbits, turkeys and other critters in the pot or put down a herd animal or drive off predators.



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