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Lord Eoin MacKenzie:
 I am looking for period style sling swivels for my new Rossi 92.  Possibly for a Krag or trapdoor sling.   Since I don't own a horse,  a sling would do better than a Gun cart

Reverend P. Babcock Chase:
Howdy Lord Eoin,

I gather that you are not intending to use a sling instead of a gun cart foe CAS. If you do intend to use it for CAS, I would suggest you consider a gun cart. It not only provides you with a way to haul around ammo, tools, cigars, fired shells, etc. but all is a handy gun rack where none is provided at a given stage. I'm afraid I can't help with period correct swivels. Also having a sling waving around under your rifle while you are moving from target to target might be counter productive.

Reverend Chase

Lord Eoin MacKenzie:
 Dear Reverend Chase,   I need to sling the rifle, because one hand is for my cane, and the other to carry everything else either in a musset bag, or carpet bag.  No room in the apartment for a gun cart (non SASS shooting).   Since I am GAF,  and a Vet.  I like period style fittings for my kit.

Major 2:
no modification to your rifle






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