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Steve's gunz standard lever??


Black River Smith:
What does Steve's Gunz mean when he states on website 'that he is now offering standard size levers'?  I have noticed that the lever on most Rossi's do not press against the lower receiver tang, that there is a slight gap in that area.  Is there some difference in what is on the rifles from the factory and what Steve is offering?

Also does anyone know of alternative approaches to the plug or aperture sight for safety removal filling?

Definitely will have to replace that plastic magazine follower.  Has anyone tried an 1873 44/40 or original 1892 44/40 in a Rossi 44Mag tube and frame?  Will it work instead of a brass one?

Thanks for your comments.

cpt dan blodgett:
Don't know precisely but suspect he is offering a standard size level to replace a large loop lever he also does large loop levers. I just got a wincherstet 92 44mag miroku that came with the large loop. The large loop makes the carbine about as difficult for me tocreach far enough to fully open action as it is on my rifle with 13.5 inch lop. I called winchester and a standard lever arrive somehow for near $60 less than numrich


 :)  Lemmie Suggest  ;)

BRS, instead of asking here, why not give Nate Kiowa Jones @Stevesgunz a nice polite jingle??  Steve offers a rather Trix replacement filler for the ugly Bolt Top Safety thingie.  Also offered IIRC is a rather nice stainless magazine follower and magazine spring to accompany a complete Spring Kit.

Makes a '92 really User Friendly.

Play Safe Out There

Black River Smith:
Sorry guy's but that post is so outdated from 2019 that I should have DELETED it years ago, when no-one responded.

Thanks for the comments though.

Cpt dan, I believe you are correct.

The answer to my original question about the 2019 Rossi was --- lever lip of the closure spring area was hitting the trigger assembly.  I eased the trigger assembly lower leading edge.  The lever now misses the trigger edge; comes up closer to the back of the trigger tang; and locks-up better.


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