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I am very familiar with the early Rossi problems having had to get several issues corrected on a .357 version. At what point in time did the Rossi improve their quality control??


--- Quote from: Black River Smith on July 26, 2019, 05:41:54 PM ---When and why did Rossi quite offering the 24" octagon barrel Rifle variation?

The best I can determine from reading the internet is 2016.  But why just offer the 20" and other short ones?

I would like to find one of these rifles.

Thanks for any comments.

--- End quote ---

I just bought a new 24" in .45 Colt. I'm not sure it it is NOS or just new.

Does anybody have an idea of the range of a 24" barrel in .45 colt?   ???

Reverend P. Babcock Chase:
It all depends on how hard you pull the trigger.

Rev. Chase


 :)  Hi RR  ;)

Well, 45 Colt isn't exactly a stellar "long range" performer.  Out past 100 yards, the trajectory is reminiscent of a Rainbow.  I personally wouldn't use 45 Colt as a hunting arm past 150 and consider that a "stretch."

The 92 can be loaded to 44 Mag pressure and some in 45 Casul.  Neither of those loadings stretches the range much.  Those big cross-section 45 bullets slow down pretty quickly.  Most, myself included, consider the 45 Colt as a short range "brush" or dense cover rifle.



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