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Jeremiah Jones:
 ;DCoffinmaker is correct. I have a.45/.454 Casull 1892. It us my deer rifle.  But I hunt thick brush where a 75 yard shot is rare.  I would not consider it ethical to shoot at a deer more than 75-80  yards.  After that range, it is approaching spray and pray territory.

Loading my rifle cartridges with 200 GR bullet with 6.5 grains of Trail Boss.


 :) RR  ;)

I have no clue what your Velocity is/will be with a 24 inch barrel.  However, a 200Fr bullet isn't going to help you much if at all.  You're still trying to push a Brick thru the atmosphere.

I'm with Jeremiah Jones.  Were I still hunting, regardless of rifle, with a .45 Colt cartridge or even 45 Casul, I wouldn't be at a all tempted to shoot past 75 yards.  The trajectory with any bullet is going to be a Rainbow.

The really heavy bullets such as the 265Gr Keith SWC and other big heavy bullets for .45 were developed and intended for close range use in handguns for taking dangerous/large game.  Some Testosterone rich individuals thought taking a Cape Buffalo with a handgun was grins and giggles.

Black River Smith:

Please see my Rossi question up in the Gunsmith Section..... I am all ears for your comments and experience.


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