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Black River Smith:
When and why did Rossi quite offering the 24" octagon barrel Rifle variation?

The best I can determine from reading the internet is 2016.  But why just offer the 20" and other short ones?

I would like to find one of these rifles.

Thanks for any comments.

Beats me why, but most likely because they didn't sell as well as the shorter rifles and carbines.  Keep Navy Arms in your searches as Rossi made their '92's, with decent wood.

I actually called Rossi a few weeks ago to ask about this very matter. They are not building the rifles at this time and the lady I spoke with asked someone there, and there are currently no plans to build them in the near future.

Black River Smith:
Ok, I really do like the '92 action on the Rossi carbine but the rifle styling would have been better to me.

You see, when I started CAS in '90 I had a strong desire for a 44/40 Win 1873 rifle style but the first thing I saw at the gunshows were 1892's.  I had a chance to buy a very nice condition original 38/40 rifle styled '92 for $312.  I past it up because I really wanted an earlier impression and to load 44/40's, I eventually found my original 1873 and used BP from then on in all my cartridges.  Years later, I regretted not having both but did not trust the Rossi quality in the early 2000's and originals had risen to high.

Oh well, if I ever do run across a Rossi rifle styling in 44/40 or 44 Mag or even a 357 I would most likely buy it, have fun, and then maybe have it changed to a 38/40 for more fun.  Or I may just have to get a good condition original.

I no longer shoot CAS so it is all just for fun and experience.....


Now you've got me thinkin' [which is never a good idea] about finding a 92 and getting it re-barreled to .38-40.



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