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May be interested in getting a Rossi 92 - so questions

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King Medallion:
Yeah, I don't shoot it, I got it for my mrs. It fit's her better, I added a couple inches lop on my 44-40. She is happy with it, so I'm good. (it's not a proper caliber for a 92, no dash in it ;))

Black River Smith:
Thanks for the replies.  I have priced them at a gunshow and LGS.  Both are right at $500, for new.  Really do not see them used in my area so I truly will have to buy new and therefore will not get a chance at an octagon rifle version.

I like mine

Jeremiah Jones:
I bought my .45/.454 Rossi 92 in 2007.  I replaced the safety with Steve's plug and put some Danish wood oil on the stock.  It looks great and feeds any .45/.454 ROUND nosed rounds with no problems.  It does have problems feeding wad cutters and the hollow points with bowl like fronts (I don't know a name for them).  RNHP are GTG.

Baltimore Ed:
I wore my large loop 92 Rossi .45 out in one year of hard use. Returned it to interarms in va and got another with no questions which I immediately sold unfired and bought a used JM Marlin cowboy ltd .45. Still running it [2 broken firing pins and lifter with the dreaded marlin jam repair=repair has held up for over 15 years]. The Rossi was my first cas rifle and I?m SASS #11754 so that was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. So today?s Rossi 92 might be a better rifle. Marlins certainly have had good and bad years.



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