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May be interested in getting a Rossi 92 - so questions

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Pay Dirt Norvelle:
I have a Rossi 92 in 45 Colt. It is one with the safety.  However, I bought it from Kiowa Jones and he slicked it up and disabled the safety. It is a great shooting lever rifle.

Lord Eoin MacKenzie:
Do the Rossi 92's work with the 45CS ammo?   Or I get the 44mag and run 44spec.?

Lord Eoin,

Unfortunately NO.  None of the '92s will run with C45S cases.  '92s can be fickle.  A 44Mag '92 may .. or may not run 44 Special.  Some do and some don't.  Definitely will NOT run 44 Russian.

Some time back, I had a really really nice Navy Arms '92 made by Rossi (as far as I know) chambered for 45 Colt.  Absolutely refused to run 45 Schofield.  '92s be Fickle.

Major 2:
This may be worth every penny of my 2 cents ...
28 or so years I gave my first SASS match a try. I was hooked

My choice was a Stainless Rossi 92 in 45 or the Marlin 94 Classic also in 45 local CAS friendly LGS had both in stock to give a try.
At the end of the Day I bought the Fish gun. 
 , the Marlin gave way to the Uberti 73 in 44  I still have.

I sold the Marlin in 2003 and it is still in action in my friends hands.... A few years ago I bought a JM Marlin Classis limited in 32/20.


Black River Smith:
Well it appears that I should have waited one whole year before buying a Rossi.  NOW the Rossi site and Buds Firearms have the R92 available in the 24" oct rifle configuration.  It is only in 357mag or 44mag all blues or stainless.  BUT I would have had the rifle configuration instead of the carbine.




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