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May be interested in getting a Rossi 92 - so questions

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Black River Smith:
The Win 92 design is the only one of their model levers I have not owned or not shot.  So I would like to find one at a reasonable price sometime soon.  This is strictly for my own fun not CAS.  The caliber is not that important since most Rossi's are now straight wall chambers.  But a 44-40 would be nice to find.   So here goes some of the question I have not been able to answer 'clearly' from web searches;

Are these rifles still offered in octagon barrel rifle 24" configurations?  I would prefer this model.

Where are the best places on the web to find any variation of these rifles or carbines for sale?

Am I going to have to buy new at this time?  I do not see any used on web or in my local shops.  More than ten years back there was one in a local shop - oct 44-40 but I was not interested back then.  Just last year there was a consignment carbine 44mag for $400 in a pawn shop, did not buy, because I was looking for a Win 94 at the time.

Not many being sold as used - so are they really good rifles?  Not many used could mean people keep them or not many people buy them.  Discussions on sites have differing arguments about that point.

What are the best prices - new and used?  I see some site listings, $490 to $520.  What are the going rates?  Are old models going for higher prices?  Why?  Saw one posting about someone giving $600 for a used older pre-safety rifle.  Why high these are not collectables?

Also, I would really like an oct '92 rifle in 38/40 (just seems like a nice combination of weight and power) so any version I buy 'could be' altered at some point (carbine would be kept as carbine).  Has anyone done something like this to a Rossi?  That is the main reason for looking for a good deal, older one rather than a brand new one.

Thanks for any comments

I have 2 of the late models ones with the safety. One in .357 and one in .45. The .357 needed to have the loading gate smoothed as it would nearly cut you loading rounds but the .45 needed nothing done to it. The 357 is a couple years old with probably 500 rounds through it, most .38 Specials. I do need to stick with 140 grain bullets at least for smooth feeding, my cast 158s run fine in 38 cases. The .45 has probably had 200 rounds through it and runs with everything so far. Both mine are 20" round barrels. Tight when brand new, they smoothed up quickly with use and have run fine. I bought both new, as you have noticed, no one lets go of these little rifles. I just leave the safety alone, but if it ever becomes a problem, there was a youtube video on how to remove it and fill the gap with a .25ACP case. I will probably pick up a .44 Magnum too in the future just because...

I got a EMF ASM 92 Rifle 44-40, all parts are interchangeable with the Original Winchester, Case, Octagon, rifle really nice, smooth as silk, accurate, less test fired only.

King Medallion:
I have 2 pre-safety Rossi's, one in 44-40, the other in 38/357. The 44-40 had an action job some 25 years ago and i have had zero issues with it, ever. The 38 I got for my wife so she could shoot cas. It doesn't much like 357's but does ok on .38's. Doesn't feed the long 357's very well.

King, that's interesting. My .357 will feed any Magnum, but .38s have to have a bullet at least 140 grains for length.



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