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"The Rifleman"

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44 centerfire:
Looks like you scroll over to 9:30 on the you tube video to find McCain screwing a screw in on the lever......hahahaha

44 centerfire

PJ Hardtack:
More likely backing it out so it wouldn't trip the trigger on operating the lever.

It's funny the things you look at for years but never "see". Just found out a few years ago like : Chuck Conners was a lefty,, James Arness limped from a WWII wound ,,,D-Day I think,,, BB King couldn't play and sing at the same time,,, his statement. I won't even go into songs from the 50-60's that I'm going ,,, " oh,,, that's what they're saying ". My world is just crashing ! :) But I know I'm not the only one.  :D

PJ Hardtack:
For a lefty, he does one hell of a job operating a '92 as a right hander.

Dirty Dick:
He was ambidextrous, that's why.



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