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Major 2:

--- Quote from: Isom on April 10, 2017, 10:44:57 AM ---It's funny the things you look at for years but never "see". Just found out a few years ago like : Chuck Conners was a lefty,, James Arness limped from a WWII wound ,,,D-Day I think,,, BB King couldn't play and sing at the same time,,, his statement. I won't even go into songs from the 50-60's that I'm going ,,, " oh,,, that's what they're saying ". My world is just crashing ! :) But I know I'm not the only one.  :D

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He was wounded at the Anzio beach landing


--- Quote from: Dirty Dick on January 01, 2021, 10:41:44 AM ---I understand they had to install a spring loaded plunger above the breech face to keep loaded cartridges from falling out when spin cocking the rifle. The same with Steve McQueen's cut down '92. Can anyone confirm?

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Not necessary! unless a 92 has had the cartridge guides messed with somehow you can spin cock it stock standard. the cartridge cant "fall out" as you rotate it - can do this trick with a standard lever too ! .......signs of a misspent youth!!! ....the rifleman was the first show I watched on TV ..................

We did the lever latch thing - spin cocking - even shot a penny on the wing - rifle at port arms, chamber empty, throw the penny with your trigger hand, load and fire, started on bean cans, then 2x2 wood blocks, finally the penny - still have the one I hit in my trophy cabinet (our English penny is a lot bigger than yours - doubt I could see an airborne penny these days much less hit it)  .....The ammo we wasted .............the fun we had  ;D 

sometimes still when I pick up a lever gun some of that old stuff comes back - muscle memory or something I guess     

King Medallion:
I could never get into The Rifleman. Seems like he was always sticking his nose into other peoples business. Always bugged me.

dusty texian:
I liked the show have seen every one  , but did notice the same Lucas was a bit full of himself , heck he killed someone almost every episode .  Lucas would either kill you or straighten your life out for you . But they needed killin or straightening  I expect ! ,,,DT

Navy Six:
Just saw that same episode last week :)



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