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PJ Hardtack:
Caught an episode of "The "Rifleman" t'other day .....

He was giving a shooting lesson to a young man and you saw him backing off the set screw in the lever before handing the carbine to him.

Don't recall seeing him doing that very often.

Coal Creek Griff:
That's interesting.  Do you recall the episode name?

CC Griff

PJ Hardtack:
No, I came in late. The story line was about a young kid who thought the banker had caused the death of his father to get his land. The boy was on a vendetta to avenge his father.

Lucas knew the truth was that the banker had bought out the mortgage to give to the boy.

Every episode was a morality play - truth and honour always prevailing against evil. You know, just like real life.

Coal Creek Griff:
I was a fan of the show as a young child and I still enjoy watching it occasionally.  It seemed to try to strike a balance between "adult" and "child" western shows of the time, maybe trying to get a wider audience.  I have stronger favorites with other westerns, but I appreciate "The Rifleman" enough to watch them periodically.  Some episodes were very well done with great actors, writers and directors early in their careers.  The episode called "The Marshal", introducing Paul Fix as Micah Torrence was co-written and directed by Sam Peckinpah and included in the cast was James Drury, R.G. Armstrong and Warren Oates, among others.  Some of the characters seemed to be precursors of "The Wild Bunch".

I'll see if I can track that episode down.  Thanks!

CC Griff

Coal Creek Griff:
It looks like season one, episode 39, "Boomerang". 

CC Griff



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