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'92 Pics,,,, show em'

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Have photos on my iPad that I can get to appear in the attach options area of posting to this site but it will not actually appear in the post when I preview it. Also have not been successful with Photoshop as I can not get the URL to appear. Any suggestions?

King Medallion:
My Rossi 92 Carbine, ringless, 44-40.

Always wanted to try building a model 92 take down. Bought a stainless Rossi for a few $$ and had at it.

Replaced the round barrel with octagon....Just because I love the 8 sided barrels

Article I wrote for a magazine here:


More stuff here:

King Medallion:
My Rossi 92, 44-40. Saddle ringless carbine, pre-safety.

Johnny McCrae:
I used to have an 1892 EMF Hartford Carbine in .44-40. I sold it to get an 1873 Winchester.

It had some of the nicest looking wood on the stock and forearm. I believe it was some type of a Brazilian hardwood. I stripped the factory finish off and re-oiled it.

Wish I'd never sold it as my Grandson now shoots with me.



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