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'92 Pics,,,, show em'

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Four Eyes Henry:
This is mine in 45 Colt, bought new in 2009, shoot it almost exclusively with blackpowder and a 200 gr biglube..

Rooster Ron Wayne:
I just have to say PHOTOBUCKET can Kiss My @$$ .
Thats just BS with this crap they pulled .
Just sayin

I hacked up a useable but neglected 25-20 SRC - converted to 38-40 rifle - 26inch "Sprinter" barrel, I got it chambered and profiled - did everything else myself .

Did you have any trouble with the small frame 1892 feeding and clambering the 38-40?


--- Quote from: treebeard on November 09, 2017, 10:11:38 PM ---Did you have any trouble with the small frame 1892 feeding and clambering the 38-40?

--- End quote ---

Not trouble - but ya gotta alter every dang thing inside thats to do with feeding - and they are a sophisticated piece of machinery!
1)enlarge porthole for magazine tube and fit new follower, complete new magazine assembly - tube - spring - follower - end cap - forend nose cap - hanger - forward barrel band
2) hog out the frame in front of the loading gate to clear the bigger shell
3) alter the lifter - and refit it to the frame on the left side (there a couple little detents there on a 38/44 that are part of the left side cartridge guide on the smaller ones)
4) alter the cartridge guides to feed the bigger shell
5) I made a new magazine cutoff nose for the left side guide
6) alter the bolt face and ejector button
7) alter the extractor claw (I used one off an early model 94 that I had - it fit straight in!)
I had a functioning 44-40 to copy off - could not have done it without - and you need to be happy to strip and reassemble a 92 at least 60 times - maybe more - it was a job that makes no economic sense at all - but neither does blasting hundreds of rounds at steel plates every weekend - i enjoyed the trip and I like the result ...



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