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I have been shooting mine lately in 45-70. The tang sight on mine needs to be folded down to work the action/retract bolt for every shot. Is that the normal sequence for these rifles? Being some what scarce I have not seen another to compare the sight mounting.

Reverend P. Babcock Chase:
Howdy KW1876,

Maybe a photo of the sight and the brand might help someone give you an idea. Without those, I wonder if you turn the base around 180 degrees and turn the staff around you could get the clearance you need. Like I said, it's just off the top of my head. Others here are a lot smarter than I am.

Good Luck,
Rev. Chase

Are you sure it's the right sight for that rifle?  I had a tang sight on my '86 Winchester for a while, and the staff sat a lot farther back than on the ones meant for pistol calibers, due to the long bolt throw.


Brophy's book on Marlins seems to indicate Ballard tang sights where used. The later Lyman flexible sights would have to "give" also to retract the bolt. All using the original screw holes. Here is my sight arrangement:

Well, that does not look like a Marlin specified sight.  If you turn the base around it might work better, I'd try that.   But you'ld probably be better off with some form of Marbles style sight, and fit that one to a single shot.


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