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Title: 94 AE 45 Colt magazine tube
Post by: Mad Miles on June 17, 2022, 01:10:54 PM
I didn't see a 94 Winchester section so I thought I post here.
I have a 94AE, the magazine tube is a bit loose in the barrel band.  I can move it about 0.011 up and down fore and aft.  There is a pin that threads into and through the cap to position the tube in the correct position.  Is it the barrel band that holds the tube tight to the barrel or does the cap pin have the job of securing it.  I took the forestock and magazine off when I stripped the rifle down for cleaning but can't see anything too out of the ordinary.  I've tightened the bands and the pin as tight as I dare but I still have movement.  Perhaps the front barrel band is too large? 

The serial number of the rifle is 6241309 which would put it around 1992-3 after FN took over Winchester and was supposed to be making them with better quality than when Olin was doing it.

Any ideas?

Title: Re: 94 AE 45 Colt magazine tube
Post by: Coffinmaker on June 18, 2022, 08:51:42 AM
Pretty common for a Win 94.  There isn't much of a fix either.  The guns were just built sloppy.  Many owners try to fix by over-tightening the screws, which is just a disaster.  Your just kind of stuck with it.
Title: Re: 94 AE 45 Colt magazine tube
Post by: Mad Miles on June 18, 2022, 01:59:38 PM
Thank you for the info, and yes I did try to fix it by tightening the screws probably more than I should have.  I got the band clamp so it's tight on the mag, but it's still loose on the barrel.

Perhaps the higher quality with FN running things was just hype?  After I took it apart again to bore sight it for a new Williams sight I noticed the carrier is broken on one side.  After doing  search for this it seems an endless amount of guys had AEs with broken carriers and no where to find new ones.  I'll TIG mine then file for a smooth finish and hope it doesn't break like so many others have.  I see there was a run by someone of stainless carriers but they are out of stock/production everywhere I've looked.