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The Powder Room - CAS reloading / Re: Hodgdon 4227
« Last post by DeaconKC on Today at 04:22:36 PM »
I admit I'm cheap, but I would dump that on the flower bed as fertilizer.  :(
NCOWS / Re: Bridges of Madison County
« Last post by Dusty Tagalon on Today at 04:22:00 PM »
All; I see this event as an introduction to true cowboy in John Wayne’s birth place. My preference, true representation.
This year, limited to 1 shootout on museum grounds, & anyone wanting to walk around town dressed cowboy, healed not loaded.
Where it goes from here, don’t know!
Possible shoot outs at downtown or other locations?
I se a larger potential here!
The Longbranch / Started a new guncart today
« Last post by DeaconKC on Today at 04:20:41 PM »
After running my old jogging stroller guncart for a year and a half, finally figured out most of what I would want in my next one. So today found a 2 seat jogging stroller at the Goodwill for $20 and brought it home. Started on it, still have some more stuff to do before Saturday's match, but pleased so far.
NCOWS / Re: Wish lists...
« Last post by Dusty Tagalon on Today at 03:30:28 PM »
Reviewing posts, I have many that made the list.
My favorites, Merwin’s.
Have a short barreled 44 single action with skull crusher grip, & a 7 shot 32 DA.
Next a couple acquisitions this year, a couple of Remington Rolling Blocks.
1st, my “Ugly Baby” in 44/40. Baby Rolling Block, sn 24. Less than 10% nickel remains, standard config 18” or 20” bbl. Mine likely prototype at 17.5” bbl.
If NCOWS adds a single shot category, I am there!
2nd, an 1871 Army. Nickname “Thumper”. Shooting it with 56/50 Spencer, 365 grain bullet, & minimum BK, recoil sharp.
No, Joe.  I made it out of 3/16" thick mild steel.  I am going to use a steel ferrule with the guard, when I install it.
As much as I love my Dave Anderson 1860 conversions (Truth and Justice),  I could never part with my Saber River and its little brother 5.5".  They are just cool.  Both have the new two hand cylinder pawl (?) from Kirst, and are rock solid, with timing dead on.
Nope, I shoot equally slow with both LOL! ::) ::) ::) ::)

So, you could also say that you shoot equally as fast with both!   ;D
The Powder Room - CAS reloading / Re: Hodgdon 4227
« Last post by Froogal on Today at 12:16:00 PM »
I would never ever even chance using any preowned powder unless I knew the source and it was a unopened sealed jug.

It came from a vendor at the Adel, Iowa gunshow. It was represented as new, but wasn't.

First time for attending that particular show and for sure it was the last time.
The Longbranch / Re: A new nitch
« Last post by Johnny McCrae on Today at 11:33:05 AM »
Attached is a stage I wrote to fit our local range. We place a wood target stand anywhere from 5 yards to 25 yards. Paper targets are then stapled to the target stand. You normally shoot from your own individual bay. For this stage, you shoot from two individual bays. The stages I've posted can be shot with any Cowboy caliber.

I have developed Arthritis in my shooting (right) hand, and don't feel comfortable shooting CAS matches anymore. Also, my left eye has become much stronger than my right eye. I've been training myself to shoot left-handed. I bought a Henry Repeating Arms lever action Rifle in .22 caliber. This works well along with my Hi-Standard .22 Revolver in making the transition to shooting left-handed. Father Time is starting to catch up to me and this is a way to stay involved in Cowboy Action style shooting.

Major 2 and I plan on shooting this in the not too distant future.
The Longbranch / Re: A new nitch
« Last post by Mogorilla on Today at 10:07:34 AM »
KVC does a 22 shoot.   It also draws in 4H western shooters.  Good time, except for getting schooled by younguns.   
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