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This Is So Wrong!!

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Tascosa Joe:
I put a person who would do this in the same category as someone who would put Coke in his Makers Mark.  I am sure you would find him sitting in the middle of the road licking himself.

That analogy is just too funny ;D


 :)  Well Heck  ;)

Odd Man Out.  A Lustrum or so ago I was lusting after a pair of 3 1/2 inch barrel Schofields modified for Moon Clips with .45 ACP.

That there tactical abomination, without the dumb cartridge loops, could be just the ticket set up for Moon Clips.  I Like It!!

People are Still Contagious.  Avoid 'em

Major 2:
Chalk it up to... "some people's children"   ;D

They could've cut it for moon clips and put a micro reflex red dot on there in a more tasteful manner than that. I could maybe even get behind it. The cartridge loops with those stupid rubber tip Hornady's that don't fit the cylinder just prove it was an exercise in foolishness. It's just click bait.



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