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This Is So Wrong!!

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 :) Actually LMAO  ;)

PLUS ONE for Craig C. 

Those Lipstick tipped bullets are just plain STUPID.  Wouldn't mind the Barrel Shroud had it been cut to actually fit the Barrel Length.

Play Safe Out There

Seriously, we're supposed to be worried about ballistic coefficient in standard pressure .45Colt? It's just silly.

Virgil Lantey:
Correct me if I'm wrong, but SASS allows steam punk guns, gear and costumes. I'd think that this should be wildly popular!

Jake MacReedy:

Well, now....isn't THAT interesting!!!!!!! :o


 :)  Ah well . .  ;)

While SASS does allow "Steam Punk" costuming, SASS does NOT allow steam punk gun modifications.

PLUS ONE for CraigC . . . Again.  Ballistic Coefficient in 45 Colt???  Pullease!!

Play Safe Out There



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