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People Are Hazardous to Yer Health

Oh, i don't know, "if it ain't broke".

   coffee's ready,   Hootmix

I'm not sure what you are referring to.  Do you open to ?  I'm not sure what was on it before, but has a video of reloading 38 long colt on it now.

I always start in the same place.  I have it bookmarked to always start on "recent unread topics":
(Cas City Forum Hall & CAS-L ┬╗Recent Unread Topics)
Which shows me new posts in every forum, then I pick which ones to open.  The looks of that page has not changed in quite some time.

Marshal Halloway:

We haven't made any changes to the opening page since 2019. There is however a mobile version that looks different than the desktop version.


Well.  Looks like my Weird opening was a "one time good deal."  All of the "major" topics opened as a "banner" along with a banner add and had to be closed to get to the forums.  Hasn't done it since.  Truth . . Stranger than Fiction



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