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Photos hosted on website no longer show up in post


Question for Marshall Holloway.  I'm posting it here instead of sending him a PM, in case any others have this issue. 

I have had my own website, , for a long time.  Hosted by Yahoo, although I think their web hosting is now Abaco, or something like that.  I have used it to host pics for various websites for a number of years.  In the last year, I've noticed that my pics that were posted in that manner on CASCITY no longer show up.  Just a large blank space with a small icon in the upper left.  If I left-click on the blank spot and then click on "open image in new tab", the picture will show up.  Here is an example post:

My only guess is that my site is HTTP and not HTTPS.  Is that it?  If so I guess I'll need to see about getting it changed to HTTPS.  Thanks!

Major 2:
Looking at your example site I see I responded that I could see the photo' s (then)  but I can't now ...nor can I see them appear if I click on the little icon.....

My guess is you are correct,  YAHOO's switch may be your huckleberry  :-\

Silver Creek Slim:
It is working fine for me.  :P



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