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Joss House:
To all the current and potential BOSS members, please 'check in' or 'sign up' here so we can get a headcount. Also, take a look at the "Membership Roster" post and ensure your name and number is recorded correctly.

If you own/shoot an original or replica S&W model 3 (Schofield, Russian, American, New Model #3) and want to be rocgonized as a BOSS member, just add a new post on the last page of this topic requesting to become a member, state your name and type of revolver you have and you will be added to the BOSS Membership list.

A special thanks to Marshal Halloway for allowing us a forum here in CAS City.


Two Flints:
Hi Joss,

Yahooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Thanks for getting BOSS set up!

Two Flints

I'm here..good job!


I'm here.  #100

Thanks Joss.
Thanks Marshal.


St. George:

Scouts Out!


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