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Chili Wolf:

--- Quote from: ColonelFlashman on April 01, 2006, 02:30:08 AM ---Is the NCOWS membership large enough in the Los Ageles area to form a Posse?
If so, please have them contact me.

--- End quote ---

I am a NCOWS member, yet I have not attended a NCOWS shoot or gathering.
I live in The San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles County NCOWS Posses here.
Next moth if it works out, I going to get up to the Bakersfield's NCOWS Posse shoot.
(((Hat Creek Regulators, Kern County, CA - The Feb shoot is on 25 Feb)))

Just wish we had something goin' on a bit closer to my home valley.

_Chili Wolf

 C. Wolf , I'm sure you could start a posse in your area. there should be alot of folks who would be interested in the NCOWS ideals. You wouldn't even need a range in the beginning, though it would help.            jt

P.S.Hope you make it to the hat creek shoot. They are a good bunch!

Irish Dave:

You might start by contacting Col. Flashman who posted above you. Sounds like he may be in your vacinity.

And Trap's right, that Hat Creek outfit is top notch. You'll have a great time with those good folks.


Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
In the Longbranch I met a new NCOWS member from Texas, "Texas Trail Boss'.  There are a few others who live a long ride from the nearest posse.

In Canada there are myself in BC, Rattlesnake Jack in Alberta & Ninetoe Jim in Manitoba.  There may be others, but I havn't met them.

I propose a new posse, "THE ALONE RANGERS"!

River City John:
Sir Charles,
Your idea has great merit and I'm surprised that it has not been done before, particularly as Rattlesnake and I believe Nine Toe are members of The Grand Army of the Frontier, which technically exists only on the internet, but seems to have enough cohesiveness to create and support shooting events.

I see no reason why there could not be an NCOWS Posse that used the internet as it's common meeting ground. Perhaps the contribution by being a cyber Posse is something to be explored.




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