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Scarlet Angel:
My husband tried the "camping towel" said it was better than nothing..I don't think it'll work good for anybody that has much hair on their body.

Forty- I like the egg container idea. :)

Arcey I will check out the link this afternoon. Thanks for posting it. I Like 888 Holiday too. It's what I use on vacations without my horse...Don't think he falls under the pets accepted clause  :D

Roo...guess it depends on what you want to do. My camping trips involve the horse. So we pitch the tent since I have not found a living quarters horse trailer I like and can afford. Since we usually have one spot to camp and ride back to it each night I don't have to worry bout a pack horse. But I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't happen some day.

TL I will have to take a look at the Shamm Wow towel and see if it's like what I have.

Leo Tanner:
Well if ya want comfort, the Coleman air matresses are nice.  Never thought I'd have one, but with Lil's back the way it is, we got one.  Found a bonus use fer it, I drug it outta the tent one day an threw it in the river.  The thing is like a floating island out there, strangers were beggin ta climb aboard.
     Of course if ya get one of them ya gotta get the little pump (you did say any era), it takes all the work outta inflatin AND deflatin.  It's small enough ta pack too.
     At least one gasoline pump lantern is good ta have on hand, cause when ya run outta propane, you can usualy find gasoline without havin ta go on an all day journey.  If ya keep yer eyes open at yard sales, you can find just about any camp appliance that uses propane these days fitted fer gasoline.


Leo Tanner:
These little grills er nice too if ya need ta pack light.  They assemble in 5 minutes an do the job, most large groceries carry them this time of year and they are cheap.  I was satisfied with mine.  Of course, cooking over the camp fire is nice, but not everyone wants ta bother when they're vacation campin an not in a renactment scenario.



Leo Tanner:
An here's the floatin island on the left after bein comandeered by a couple of kids.  Ignore the galoot on the right, he'd appreciate it ;D


I pack light if you don't count the cook gear and the food, bedroll, maybe 75 pounds and a cloth bag with clothes, camera and that's it, 'cepth the 1000 pounds or more of cook gear. 

If I was you, I'd make room for a 12 inch deep dutch oven, don't know how much cook gear ya pack, but that could take the place of most of it.


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