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 :) Oh Bother  ;)

How did Pietta sneak into this conversation??  We were discussing Uberti wern't we??  Just as a point, over the last 15 or so years, I haven't found enough error in the Barrel to Arbor fit in Pietta to be concerned about.

Regarding the 90 degree barrel twist, only enough offset is required to gauge the amount of overlap (should be zero).  The problem lies with the poor matchup between the bore in the Barrel Lug and the Arbor.  Mostly, out of the box, the barrel has had to be "driven" onto the arbor and the "driven" off to disassemble.  Just looking for a "witness mark" in the bottom of the hole will only confirm the whole assembly doesn't fit properly.

Now, to be honest. I can't speak for Uberti guns made over the last 4 or so years as I have taken down my shingle.  However, if Uberti couldn't be bothered to fix the problem over the last two or three DECADES I would not expect it to be corrected now.
The Powder Room - CAS reloading / Re: Accurate 2460 in .45-70
« Last post by Professor Marvel on Today at 03:15:15 AM »
I would be leary of using itin the .45-70

Hodgens says
“ Accurate 2460 is a fast burning, double-base, spherical rifle powder that is a slower derivative of the AA2230 powder. It is suitable for small and medium sized caliber applications but with slightly higher loading densities than AA2230. It provides an additional option for shooters to fine tune and optimize loads and combinations with calibers ranging from the 223 Rem to the 308 Win. 2460 is within the threshold limit for M14 systems.”

Their website
Does not include low pressure rounds like the 45-70
The Leather Shop / Re: Several new ones
« Last post by CraigC on Yesterday at 10:29:27 PM »
Yeah, i think for that particular use, the scallops would be too much. There's already a lot going on there. It looks like the original is actually a wiggle. So I ordered one of those too. ;)

Barry had said a few years ago that he was working on a Greek wave stamp but alas, I still don't see it.
My grandma had a Singer with the foot treadle for power. My mom had one just like it, but electric.
Gunsmithing / Re: 11 degree forcing cone reaming kit
« Last post by Niederlander on Yesterday at 02:37:59 PM »
I like to use the Brownells plug gauges to get the correct depth.  I don't have one for the .36 bore, though.  The one for .45's should work for percussion .44's since the bore size is the same.
Gun Reviews / Re: Standard Mfg. SAA
« Last post by hatman on Yesterday at 02:13:29 PM »
I have two, 7 1/2 and 5 1/2.
I wanted them for their Turnbull-like case hardening.
They didn't disappoint in that regard, but in terms of overall quality and shootability my Ubertis are just as good.
The Leather Shop / Re: Several new ones
« Last post by Marshal Will Wingam on Yesterday at 10:19:06 AM »
That veiner looks good. For this purpose, a scalloped one might be too busy looking. BUT, it is a good excuse to get another BK stamp. ;D
My mother was a skilled seamstress and made lots of her own clothes. In the forties, she used a Singer sewing machine with a foot treadle for power. Later on, she progressed to an electric model. Attached is a picture of her "Singer" scissors. I'm guessing they are close to 100 years old. I use them all the time and they cut much better than any other scissors l have.
Gunsmithing / Re: 11 degree forcing cone reaming kit
« Last post by Sandlapper on Yesterday at 05:16:03 AM »
That makes perfect sense; you can tell I'm no machinist. Thanks, Sandlapper
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