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Antique Marlin 38 WCF - help

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Gabriel Law:
A friend brought his Marlin rifle to me for advice.  It's an antique and he has wrung the chamber.  In addition, the tip of the lever has been broke by trying to drive out the stuck case from the muzzle.  The magazine cap screw is missing. I tried to post pics of the rifle but even after reducing them in size, they will not print here...?

The top of the receiver is stamped "Marlin Safety".  Barrel stamped "Marlin Firearms Co. - New Haven, CT. USA
                                                                           Patented Oct. 11, 1887.  April 2, 1889
Serial number 58118.

Info and advice greatly appreciated....

Gabriel Law:
Can anyone tell me what model Marlin this is?  Is it worth rebarrelling?  Where can I find a barrel?

A friend of mine bulged the chamber on an old 44-40 '92.  A 'smith was able to reline it for him.

Jubal Starbuck:
     Looks like an 1889 Marlin to me.  I have one in .38WCF or ,38-40 if you prefer, that I had relined with excellent results.  Good luck with your project.

it looks like an 1889,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



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