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Status of Marlin Repairs?

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Cruizer Bill:
I broke my Marlin 1894 two months ago and sent it to them for repairs.
I received an email back from them saying they received the rifle. 
They gave me an online link and phone number for checking the status of my repair.
Now, the link no longer works and the phone number is shut down.  Are they still in business?  Will I be able to get my rifle back?
Thanks!   >:(

Buckaroo Lou:
I understand Ruger purchased Marlin. You might try contacting Ruger and tell them your situation. They might have an answer for you.

Major 2:
I can offer you this info. you may already have....

You can try to contact the customer service representative of Marlin Firearms calling Marlin Firearms's helpline phone numbers.

Toll-Free Number:
(844) 700-0870

Gun Service & Consumer Service:
(800) 544-8892

Inside Sales Division:
(844) 700-0870
(256) 327-2860

Marlin Firearms Website:


Cruizer Bill:
Good news!  I just received an email from Marlin saying my rifle is fixed and on the way!!!   :) :) :)

Major 2:
Glory be..., glad it worked out



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