NCOWS National Match 2021

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Dusty Tagalon:
Historical average 80 degrees 65% humidity.
Actually, I am happy it moved. I have several new toys to try out before making the decision what to bring. My latest acquisition, an 1899 S&W in 32/20.
Going to range Thursday, guns to try out Colt New Service, & Webley Mk5 with shaved cylinders. A Colt Thunderer 3.5” bbl, will the hallow bade open enough to make usable, & the 1899 in 32/20.
Haven’t been to range yet, didn’t have my 32/20 yet. Picked up the 1899 in 32/20 Friday, overall it is 85%, cylinder catch weak, applied WD40, better. I did get 3 of 4 side plate screws out to work on spring, the 4th too stubborn, but at this time it is usable. Will go to range next week, 2 days crossed out, I have volunteered 2x days at UIHC as patient transport.

Wooly Dan:
Are you extending the May 15 deadline on the registration?   Just how old will you be tomorrow? 


   Yes , lets go with aug 3 for the early bird date.    jt

Dusty Tagalon:
I am lucky the date was changed, on Monday my department canceled vacations, between ramping up to full speed, & suppling 440 hours a week for entry points, there is little room for vacation.


    good deal!



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