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Sounds good.

NE Washington

Badwater Dan:
Getting ready to jump in this summer and form the first Montana based Posse. We have several SASS affiliated clubs here, in fact I founded one in the Bitterroot Valley in 2013, the Bitterroot Buckaroos. The club is well managed and well ran. I would think I'll get several X over shooters interested in both, and many more that would like the tighter hold to authenticity and period living history camping. I have zero issues with SASS as a 21 year member. I just want a place where the emphasis is more historic, and less race oriented. You can play anyway you want with SASS, but that also draws the minimalist shooter that has no real interest in history. Myself, I enjoy the time spent around the table outside a wall tent playing Faro, as much as I enjoy the shooting. I hope to draw some of our Montana Living History crowd into the shooting aspect.
For those here that have already expressed an interest, staying true to our heritage, we will be known as the "3~7~77 Shootist Society". Those unfamiliar with 3-7-77 in Montana might find this interesting reading:

bear tooth billy:
B.D. best of luck forming a new posse, my stepson is in Washington
and I'm planning on retiring and taking trip out there next year. Now one of my
highlights will be to shoot with your group. Anything we can do to help
you get started, don't hesitate to ask. Welcome!!!!

  John Hoker aka Bear Tooth Billy    Senator and Deputy Marshall


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