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New Tommy Gun!

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Major 2:
Thanks..... I've had it in my knees too... getting old is not for the immature  :-\

 course on the other hand ( no pun intended ) maybe my right hand will get better.


Cap'n Redneck:
If You're having problems holding it, why not sling it...?

Holding it is not the problem, the factory springs are HORRENDOUS! It literally often takes setting the gun on a counter and pulling with both hands to cock the gun.

Baltimore Ed:
That was the first thing that I did to my gun, did some research for the lighter springs and ordered them and buffer material from McMaster Carr. I was also getting weird primer indentations on my fired brass too but now they look normal. Swapped out the very necessary huge knob [with oem springs] with a correct checkered ball that works fine with the reduced springs.


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