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New Tommy Gun!

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Ed, that is a bit different flavor! Kind of like Bettie Page and Betty Grable!

Allright! Finally got a hosting service!

Bat 2919:

That looks like an AR style buffer spring tube the stock is attached to, is it?  The more I look at it, that's a modified AR receiver as well.

That's a new one on me as well, who made it and what do they cost?

Baltimore Ed:
Bat, you are most correct sir and I built it. It's a DPMS slickside upper, a CNC Enterprises dedicated greasegun mag lower, Olympic Arms bolt and barrel, a WW2 Cutts compensator from Belgium and Thompson wood. It took forever to find a guy to machine the fins into the bbl. My buddy used his mini lathe to drill and tap the Cutts so that it screwed onto the bbl. The bbl threads are inside of the Cutts. I had a local custom moulding wood shop router the buttstock for the buffer tube extension. I inlet the grip onto the lower and built the gripmount for the vertical grip. There also was a bunch of tinkering with buffer springs as the extension is shorter than normal. There is a shroud on the bbl nut now. The drum is from an airsoft gun with the guts removed and a cutdown greasegun mag installed. Overall, this build took a few years.

Ed, I am a machinist's son, grew up in a job shop. That is some fine work! Well done, kudos, etc!



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