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New Tommy Gun!

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It cost me a C96 Mauser Broomhandle, but tomorrow I pick up an A-O 1927 Tommy with the 100 round mag! I've always loved both versions of the Tommy and never thought I would own either, but now I have both! WOOHOO!

Border Ruffian:
Awesome!!!! and congratulations!

A 100 round C drum will be interesting!  ;D

Thank you! Yeah, with having to use the Third Hand piece, I'm wondering if I won't be better running stick mags! Also, trying to figure out if I would be better off trading the 100 round drum for a couple of 50s. Any suggestions or observations will be welcome.

I only have a 50 round drum, But I can say that I like the sticks better. Not only are they quicker to change, but my drum seems to jam a lot.

Bat 2919:
The drums work much better with FMJ ammo.  If you're using lead bullets sticks are the only way to go.  

On the other hand the drum is the cat's meow when you're getting your picture taken, I think of my drums as expensive photo props.



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