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Spencer in my new CAS City picture


Tuolumne Lawman:
The ugly Spencer you see me holding in my new picture on CAS City is the first Spencer I owned. It is an 1860 56-56 original that had been made into a presentation gun.  The buttplate, lever and side plate were chrome plated, the hammer and trigger were gold plated, and the receiver and barrel were re-blued.  The nice thing was the virtually mint bore and chamber!  I got it for about $850 on Gunbroker.com, so I didn't care it was ugly!

I sold it to Judge Hemp, SSS #44, after he shot it and it outshot his original that was more correct.  I moved onto another original 56-56, which I sold to help pay for my daughter's wedding.  From there I went to a Taylor's 56-50, and am quite content! <GGGGG>


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