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shotshells for 56-50?

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Dakota Widowmaker:
I know you can load shotshells in the 44russian...just use the blue capsules from CCI.

But, would it be possible to make shotshells for the 56-50?

Tuolumne Lawman:
I have original 56-50 Spencer shot shell (they work in 56-56 also).  They had elongated copper cases like a 5 in 1 on steroids. I have fed it through the action of my Taylors.  While I have not disected it (it was $35! for the one) it is probably about like a light .410 load.

I will have to give this some thought.  It should not be too hard to come up with a way to do one for single shot, but getting one that would feed through the magazine, that would be a challenge! <g>

Hell-Er High Water:

Being that the Taylor's 56-50 will digest cases made from 348 Winchester brass, perhaps a shotshell made from this case is a possibility.  I may experiment by trimming a case (length to be determined) and blowing it out straight in one of my 50-70's.  Then necking it down in perhaps a 45-70 FL die and will work.  If it is necked even further then a 44 caliber shot capsul may be the way to go.  Whatever ends up working, it is going to be a close range round.

Hell-Er High Water

Tuolumne Lawman:
Howdy to the camp,

Well I built a prototype shot shell, though it is a lot of work for one shell.  It chambers but does not feed (a little too long).  I have not fired it to see pattern yet.

I used a Starline 56-50 case.  Thinking a 56-50 shot shell would be close to a .410, I took a 2 1/2" 410 shell, took the powder, and put it in the 56-50 case.  I placed a cardboard wad over the powder.  For the shot capsule, I used the plastic case that a 3cc syringe comes in.  We have a breeding kennel, and buy shots and vacine by the case.  The end where the needle cover projects is just under .5" and it tapers open towards the plunger end.  I cut the needle end flush (there was a protruding collar with a hole in it) and cut it to about 3/4" long.  I seated and crimped this in the case sitting on the powder wad.  I then took the 1/2 oz of #6 shot from the 410, and poured it in the open end of the capsule.  I placed one of the paper wads from the 410 on top of the shot, and sealed it with a drop of gorilla glue.

It looks good, and should work, but it is just a little too long to cycle.  SIngle loaded, however, it would be a close range 410!

Personally, as I said, it was a lot of work.  I think the 348 Winchester brass may be the answer.

Dakota Widowmaker:
I wonder if it couldn't be made using those CCI capsules for 44mag/spl, but, "paper patch" them to size upto a .512" or there abouts.

Might have to try it once I get everything together...but, if I can't get to the outdoor range soon enough with my new toys on the way, it may have to wait till next spring.



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