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? priming the Starline 56/50


Black River Smith:
What do you use to prime the starline 56/50 brass?

I really forgot about that part of the process.

I have always used Lee hand prime.  But I can't find a shellholder in 50 cal for the set up.  Or am I missing something.  I no longer have the upper priming system.  The one where the std shellholder went on top of the press.

ps The 1.63" AOL bullet function soooo smooth through the Taylor Spencer.  None of the jerky sticking.  I mean they just jump in the chamber, but need a good crimp.

Thanks for any help.

Black River Smith

Hell-Er High Water:
Black River,

I either use the priming arm on my press (A Lyman Chrusher II) if I have only a few cases to prime or I use a RCBS Hand Priming Tool if I have a large quantity of cases to prime.  The RCBS Hand Priming Tool takes standard shell holders such as fit in the Lyman, RCBS, Pacific, etc, etc presses.  Using this priming tool is a fast process as the primer tray will hold 100 primers or more.

Hell-Er High Water

Black River Smith:
Thanks High Water

The Lee is the difference.  It take a modified shellholder, bottom tab on a std. shellholder is removed and center hole is slightly larger.

I will make one from a Lyman since Lee does not appear to make a shellholder for a 50 cal.

Black River Smith

Dakota Widowmaker:
What bullet are you using for 1.63" OAL?

My taylors is on the way...hehe

Black River Smith:
I started with the Lee 515450.  The 450gr small nose.  I created a bullet that is ~0.855" long.  Loaded it to the starline suggested depth of 0.375".  The bullet looks really original, but like I stated in your post, I now believe a larger nose is needed.  Just to be on the safe side.

Black River Smith



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