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Does anyone shoot a Spencer Shotgun with their Spencer Rifle?


 I was wondering if anyone shot a Spencer shot gun with their Spencer rifle? I know Chili Mac has a few times because I loaned
him my shotgun to do it with.

I haven't done it yet...but I have been tempted ;).

 For those who have not seen a Spencer Shotgun.

Two Flints:

I would be interested in reading more about your Spencer shotgun.  Physical size, what you shoot, condition, and all that good stuff.  How did you come by it?  I've seen them mentioned from time to time on GunsAmerica.com  and Gunbroker.com, but only gave  them a casual interest.  I'd appreciate hearing more about them (and yours).

Why not join SSS?   Always looking for a few good members!  Let me know about joining.

Two Flints

Forty Rod:
I hadn't thought about Spencer shotguns in years until you mentioned it.  Dad had a friend who hunted with one into the '60s.  I think he had to get special shells for it.

Wonder if his son still has that gun....hmmmm!



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