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Spencer Clean Up


I've managed to make the same mistake twice so I thought I'd let you know what I found out.
When you clean your Spencer, be sure to pull the magazine tube out, clean and dry the tube and the magazine well.  Even a little moisture left in there will rapidly rust the magazine tight.   

Yer right on there!  I pulled my spencer from the safe this past weekend and had a heck of a time getting the mag tube out.  Once I had it out I pulled the berrch block out and used a 12 gage brush and swab to get the rust out of the tube in the butt and some balistol and some crocus cloth to remove the rust from the removeable mag tube.  Worked on them for an hour before I had it back to working right again.

Never occurred to me that blow back would get into the butt stock's mag well.


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